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What is EAS? Does it work?

Publisher: Administrator   Date: 2022-07-14

EAS, also known as Electronic Commodity Theft Prevention (Theft) System, is one of the commodity security measures widely used in the large-scale retail industry. EAS system is mainly composed of three parts: detector (Sensor), decoder (Deactivator) and electronic label (Electronic Label and Tag). Electronic labels are divided into soft labels and hard labels. Soft labels cost less and are directly attached to “hard” commodities. Soft labels cannot be reused; hard labels have a higher one-time cost than soft labels, but can be reused. Hard labels must be equipped with a special nail remover, which is mostly used for soft and easy-to-penetrate items such as clothing. The decoders are mostly non-contact devices with a certain decoding height. When the cashier is cashing out or bagging, the electronic tag can be decoded without touching the degaussing area. There is also a device that combines a decoder and a laser barcode scanner, so that the collection and decoding of goods can be completed at one time, which is convenient for the cashier's work. This method must cooperate with the laser barcode supplier to exclude the two. Mutual interference, improve decoding sensitivity. When undecoded merchandise is taken out of the mall, it will trigger an alarm when it passes through the detector device (mostly in the form of a door), thereby reminding cashiers, customers and mall security personnel to deal with it in time.
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