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RF principle of EAS system

Publisher: Administrator   Date: 2022-07-14

EAS system is composed of detector, electronic label, decoder/unlocker.
1. The detector generally consists of a transmitter and a receiver. The basic principle is to use the transmitting antenna to transmit a scanning band, form a scanning area between the transmitting antenna and the receiving antenna, and use the receiving antenna to receive and restore this frequency band within its receiving range, and then use the resonance principle of electromagnetic waves to search. Whether there is a valid label in a specific range, an alarm will be triggered when a valid label appears in this area.
2. The internal structure of the electronic tag is an Lc oscillation circuit, which is installed on the product in a special way, and can only be released through a special decoder and unlocker. The electronic labels that appear on the market include soft labels, hard labels, wine bottle protectors, milk powder anti-theft labels, CD/tape protection boxes, etc.
3. The decoder is the device that disables the soft label. Non-contact decoders are commonly used in the market. As long as the salesperson passes the label within 20cm above the decoder, it can be decoded. The decoder can be used with the POS laser cash register platform.
4. The unlocker is a device to quickly, easily and simply remove all kinds of hard tags 1. Prevent theft.

The EAS system changes the way of "man-to-man" and "man-to-man" in the past. It uses high-tech means to give commodities a self-defense capability, so that security measures are implemented on each commodity, and the problem of commodity theft is thoroughly and effectively solved. The survey shows that the theft rate of businesses with EAS systems is 60%-70% lower than that of businesses without EAS systems.
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